About Us
Since 1872 when the first rodeo competition was held in Cheyenne, Wyoming they have never grown out of fashion or changed with technology, they allow people to fulfil their childhood dreams of being a cowboy or cowgirl practicing the ranching skills of the Wild West. 

​We want to offer that experience to people in the Albany region.  The ACH Contractors Kalgan Stampede is located alongside the Kalgan River and only 10min away from 3 prestine beaches.  We aim to bring the fun and excitement of a rodeo back to Albany for the long term.

Our two horses, Big Molly & Junior have been a source of inspiration to hold a rodeo and are two standardbred ambassadors for horses that have survived the life in the racing industry and transitioned over into a happy life of trail riding with a loving home.
​Brucey Brahman lost him mum when he was one week old and has been hand raised then taught some manners by Molly & Junior and is growing up to be a beautifully mannered young Brahman bull and a mascot for the Kalgan Stampede.

Tom Kennedy​